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We Told You So

For years OCA, Regeneration International and our allies, including the ETC Group and Organics International (IFOAM), have exposed the destructive, routinely-hidden costs of our chemical, energy-intensive, GMO, and hyper-processed/junk food system.

The pernicious but profitable U.S. food and farming system feeding our supersized/supersick nation continues to be subsidized with billions of dollars in public funds. These bi-partisan, ongoing subsidies guarantee the profits of Big Food and Big Ag, chemical, pharma, and genetic engineering transnationals, with little or no consideration for the catastrophic damage to public health, the environment, climate, and the livelihoods of food workers, small farmers, and rural communities—both at home and abroad.

Health damages that are directly caused by America’s food and farming system include a chronic disease epidemic (cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, et al.) that has doubled since 1980, as well as the extraordinarily high hospitalization and death rates triggered by COVID-19 and its underlying chronic disease comorbidities.

Environmental damages include excessive greenhouse gas emissions (more than a third of which come from our food system); water pollution; and loss of wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

These collateral damages (estimated at more than two trillion dollars a year) are categorized as “externalities,” costs or damages to be paid for by consumers and taxpayers, rather than the debts owed to society by polluters and perpetrators of so-called “modern” food and farming. Things are so dire that now, even the global elite, in this case The Rockefeller Foundation, are sounding the alarm on the multi-trillion-dollar collateral damage of Big Food and Big Ag. Although the recent Rockefeller Foundation report outlines over two trillion dollars in collateral damages arising from US industrial food and farming, this is in fact a underestimate, leaving out damages from pesticides and damage to our children’s health for example.

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