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Who Really Feeds the World?

In a previous essay, the ETC Group—OCA’s longtime ally against Monsanto and GMOs—gives us a clear picture of who actually produces most of the food for the world, and who preserves the seeds, regenerative practices, and biodiversity necessary for our survival.

As ETC points out: 70% of the population—4.5–5.5 billion of the world’s 7.5 billion people—depend on the peasant or small farmer, herder, or producer food web for most or all of their food.

This includes:

• Almost all of the 3.5 billion rural people. This also includes millions of peasants in the North and their allies in community-shared agriculture or fisheries cooperatives.

• An estimated 1 billion urban food producers (gardens, fish and livestock).

• Most of the 800 million people worldwide that depend on fishing or small-scale fisheries for their food and livelihood.

• Hundreds of millions more who regularly turn to the Web in times of scarcity.

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