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Regenerative Carbon Offsets

The ongoing climate crisis has become a Climate Emergency as headlined recently by record-breaking heat waves and relentless drought. In my 2020 book, Grassroots Rising, I lay out a 10-year roadmap for reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. (whereby GHGs are cancelled out by carbon sequestered above ground and below ground by regenerative farming and land-use practices).

As I point out, the absolutely essential drivers for this “Great Drawdown” of heat-trapping gases currently super-saturating our atmosphere are consumer awareness/demand, farmer innovation, public policy change, and public/private investment.

To provide sufficient funds (hundreds of billions of dollars) to a critical mass of farmers and ranchers around the world to enable them to adopt regenerative practices, we will need to move beyond bogus “carbon credits” to Regenerative “carbon offsets,”  and substantial direct payments ($50-100 a ton for CO2 sequestered on a long-term basis) to farmers and ranchers for carbon sequestration practices that are real, transparent, ongoing, and scientifically verifiable.

OCA is partnering with Regeneration International and Hudson Carbon to pioneer Regenerative Carbon offsets, starting with best practices such as our Agave Agroforestry system. Via Organica’s Agave Agroforestry system is suitable for large areas of Mexico, the US Southwest, and much of the arid and semi-arid regions of the world.

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And here is a short video on the Agave project