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Ducking the Truth

There’s nothing humane about force-feeding ducks. 

Yet that hasn’t stopped D’Artagnan, the largest distributor of foie gras in the U.S., from making a host of false animal welfare claims about its products.

This week, we sued D’Artagnan for falsely claiming that the ducks used in its products are “free-range,” “never caged,” have “space to roam,” eat a “natural diet” and are fed through “hand-feeding.” 

In our lawsuit, we cite investigations into D’Artagnan’s practices revealing that the ducks are force-fed using methods that result in bruising, bleeding, lesions, pain, stress and suffering. In some cases, the ducks develop brittle and broken bones, thermoregulatory disorders, respiratory disorders, liver disease, lameness and difficulty walking.

Last year, we wrote about D’Artagnan’s foie gras, pointing out that if you eat the product, you’re eating a diseased liver. That alone should give consumers pause.

But if you’re among the nearly 95 percent of consumers who care about animal welfare, you should be outraged that not only do the ducks used by D’Artagnan suffer, but the company goes out of its way to convince consumers otherwise.

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