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Eco Disaster

Let’s not mince words.

We are horrified that President-elect Joe Biden has installed Michael McCabe in his EPA transition team. 

McCabe is a revolving door lobbyist who moved from a high level position as a communications consultant to companies like DuPont, to a position of real influence inside the U.S. government. He helped DuPont avoid responsibility for PFAS pollution. In fact, he was the architect of DuPont’s campaign to control the EPA’s regulatory decision-making. 

He should be charged with criminal conspiracy and forever barred from having anything to do with the EPA. Instead he has been rewarded with more power and influence.

We need to take a stand. The incoming administration must appoint leaders at the EPA who have no ties to chemical companies or corporate lobbyists—and who are ready to fight with the urgency the crisis of pollution-related disease demands.

TAKE ACTION: Tell President-elect Biden: Drop Michael McCabe from Your EPA Transition Team