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Regenerative agriculture is the fastest-growing trend in farming and food. It offers a way for farmers who farm in Earth-friendly, climate-friendly and soil-friendly ways to come together and demonstrate their commitment to a better future.

Some worry that it has grown too big and too fast as more large food companies, producers and retailers, such as General Mills, Walmart and even Cargill, make regenerative commitments.

It’s also come under attack for being a vague term. Unlike “organic,” which is a defined term backed by a regulatory system, “regenerative” has no commonly accepted definition.

Some believe that farming organically should be a prerequisite for being considered regenerative. The Regenerative Organic Certification, awarded to farms and brands that meet all the existing high bar certifications, is in part a response to that.

These important questions and considerations are the growing pains of evolution and expansion. With the urgent need to farm in a way that builds resilience, the question is: Do we need a better definition, or a club with tighter membership rules—or do we need to grow a movement?

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