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Terror by Error?

In August 2020, noted science writer William Sargent published the first book on the possible origins of COVID-19.
In Terror by Error? The COVID Chronicles, Sargent delves into the murky, often intertwined worlds of medical research and biological warfare to determine if COVID-19 was caused by accidents similar to those that have occurred from 1617 to the present. Sargent reveals that mistakes made in dual use medical research and biological weapons facilities led to tick borne diseases in the United States, smallpox, anthrax and other germ outbreaks in Russia.
Sargent helps unearth the factors that caused COVID-19, closing with the hope that these conditions will be altered or permanently banned in the future.
Organic Consumers Association International Director Ronnie Cummins, coauthor of The Truth About COVID-19 and Political Director Alexis Baden-Mayer, who has written her own series of articles on the origins of COVID-19, the Gain-of-Function Hall of Shame, interview Sargent in this 1-hour live broadcast.

WATCH: Recording of the live interview

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