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There’s probably no more potent word in the English language right now than “transition.”

It applies to so much more than the political process that’s going on all around us.

A desire for transition drives calls for new ways of farming, of doing business, of relating to, and meeting the needs of the 99% instead of the 1%. 

Transitions can happen “organically”—often as a result of some extreme crisis when our options become limited. But mostly transitions happen as the result of pro-active, sometimes Herculean, efforts by those who have a vision.

We are working for a global transition not just in the way that we farm and eat but in the way that we think, our connections with others—even the ones we don’t agree with—and our habits and priorities. 

OCA and Organic Bytes need your support to educate the public, mobilize grassroots action, and finance our campaigns. As Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Brother step up their attack on OCA and our allies as spreaders of hate and disinformation, we need you to help us get out the truth about Covid 19, and stop the mad scientists, gene engineers, and Big Food/Big Ag corporations from doing any more damage. We need your help to recruit more subscribers, and, if you can afford it, we need you to give us a financial donation.

When you support the Organic Consumers Association or Citizens Regeneration Lobby you are supporting that effort and the vision, the skills and the people that are helping to make it a reality.

Be part of the transition by making a contribution to our campaigns today.

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