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Force for Good? Horizon Organic's "F You" to 89 Family Farms

Be "a force for good" and conduct business "as if people and place mattered."

That's what it means to be a B corporation, according to the B Corp Declaration of Interdependence.

So why is B corp Danone dropping 89 family farms that produce milk for its Horizon Organic label?

Lifelong dairy farmer, Wayne Bragg, 74, told the Press Herald that Danone would rather buy milk from larger farms.

“They can make more money,” Bragg said. His son, Cliff Bragg, now runs Bragg Homestead in Sidney, Maine, where they have 50 milk cows. “It’s not that the small farmer can’t make it nowadays, but they just don’t want to pick you up.” Danone is leaving the Northeast region and replacing these 89 farms with larger ones closer to their processing facility in Elma, New York.

Putting small pasture-based organic dairy farms out of business and replacing them with factory-farmed organic is a clear violation of B Corp ethics. That's why Organic Consumers Association has joined a coalition organized by the Organic Farmers Association to file a complaint with B Lab.

SIGN THE PETITION: If Horizon Organic drops small family farms, B Lab should drop Danone!

WATCH: Horizon Organic's "F You" to 89 Family Farms