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Is There a Common Solution to Our Planetary and Health Woes?

OCA’s ally in the UK, Alliance for Natural Health, writes:

‘System failure’ may be one of the most concise descriptions that captures the current catastrophic decline in both planetary and human health. Accordingly, any unilateral or even limited technology-based interventions that intend to resolve environmental or human health crises, are unlikely to be enough on their own. System failure demands system-based solutions, ones that go well beyond the provision of new technologies.

In his keynote presentation for the European Congress for Integrative Medicine on Sunday November 7, 2021, sustainability scientist, Rob Verkerk PhD, examines some of the systemic changes that are now needed to resolve the parallel crises we face, involving economic, political and social systems, including ways of encouraging sustainable changes in human behavior. In his presentation, which he has recorded, Verkerk references metrics that allow us to better measure our effects on these systems as well as considering the advantages and disadvantages of centralised and decentralised approaches.

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