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After Pandemia: Do We Forgive and Forget?

Charles Eisenstein writes:

“Oh my goodness. The social illness that the pandemic launched into its active phase is far from over… I’d kinda like to move on… But I still have a lot to say that feels important to me. The COVID pandemic may be over (or it may not be), but the process it initiated has hardly begun…

We carry some unresolved feelings that make us resistant to going back to normal and forgetting it all happened. It isn’t that we are vindictive. It is tempting just to let everyone forget the whole thing. To let people forget that they excluded, denounced, canceled, censored, and ostracized us. I am willing to let bygones be bygones, except for one thing: How are we to know it won't happen again? Partly it’s a matter of PTSD: I don't feel very safe among these people. But more important than my own comfort or safety is what kind of world my descendants will live in. As George Santayana famously wrote, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. I fear the possibility that pandemania will become permanent, woven into our social and political institutions, our habits, taboos, and norms…”

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