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The Point of No Return

Although Washington, Silicon Valley, Big Media, Big Pharma, and the military/biowar complex continue to regurgitate the Official Narrative (more COVID, more monkeypox, more gene jabs, more war, more biolabs, more genetically engineered lab food, more billionaire profits, more fear-mongering, more government control over our speech, movement, bodies, livelihoods, and children), there are clear signs of resistance and Regeneration emerging.

After 2 ½ years of suffering under mass formation/psychosis,  physical and mental lockdown—hunkered down, divided, defamed, censored, and degraded by a money-crazed, power-mad cabal of Technocrats and Biofascists, subjective and objective conditions are ripening. Now is the time to break the spell of mass propaganda and fear. Now is the time to declare our sovereign independence and interdependence. Now is the time to build a New Nation, a parallel commonwealth in our local communities and regions of organic food, natural health, grassroots education, liberation culture, independent politics, and regenerative commerce.

Recent polls and personal experience tell us at OCA that a critical mass of the body politic are fed-up and disgusted, ready to start turning away from discredited Establishment politicians (including both Biden and Trump) and the two dominant political parties, know-nothing medical authoritarians, vaccine profiteers, and the global elite. A new populist majority (transcending the failed ethics and politics of both the traditional liberal/left and the conservative/right) are ready to break down the walls that divide us, regenerate our health and our spirits, and build a New Nation on the rubble of the so-called United States and United Nations. This epic journey and struggle will not be easy, but tapping in to the power of Mother Earth and the Great Spirit, and channeling the incredible power of love, human creativity, and solidarity, we still have enough time left to turn things around. 

One of our most important contemporary visionaries, Tessa Lena, reminds us that our subjective/psychological health (i.e. the state of our souls) is all-important:

“It is my belief that this time is an opportunity for coming alive spiritually, and that we have to deal with the Great Reset today because in the past, for centuries, we have not dealt with the proverbial ghost of domination as the leading principle of organizing our life. Meanwhile, the technology has been getting more and more capable — and so our aspiring masters now think that they have all the tools to dominate us with a smiley faced digital fist. The technology is new; the principle is old.

And so I believe that predators are like toxic, bitter medicine, and their existential role is cure us of delusions, bad habits, fear, and complacency. Their power depends on how afraid we are of trusting the spirit and doing things from love. It depends on our cooperation — not just with their horrible agendas — but also with their general methodology.

I think it’s impossible to fight for light and play by the rules of darkness. The predators exist to remind us of light. They exist so that we remember that the principle of domination is not our friend, and has never been. It has never been our friend regardless of who was the abused and who was the abuser. It has never been our friend because in the end, this ghost always turns around and bites its messenger, too.”

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