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Frankenfoods & the End of Farming: Derrick Broze & Patrick Wood Unpack Biden’s New Biotech Bonanza

Monsanto designed its first wave of GMOs to expose us to more of their toxic pesticides than ever before. Now merged with Bayer and partnering with synthetic biology company Ginkgo Bioworks, it’s rolling out a second wave of GMOs designed to make farms and farmers obsolete. They used to just tinker with crops and animals. Now they’re genetically engineering microbes to belch out ingredients for 3D-printed “food”. Ironically, their first customers are vegans and other critics of the same polluting factory farm system they’ve profited from since they rolled out their very first GMO, an artificial growth hormone that made cows’ udders swell to painful and unhealthy proportions.

In a recent executive order, President Joe Biden promised further support for the Frankenfood industry and directed the EPA, FDA and USDA to devise new biotech-friendly regulatory reforms.

To find out what this new executive order means for the food system, we’ll talk with journalist and organizer Derrick Broze of the Last American Vagabond, Freedom Cells and the Greater Reset and author and financial analyst Patrick Wood of Technocracy News.

Watch: Frankenfoods & the End of Farming