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Greening the Desert: Regeneration International's "Billion Agave Project"

As part of the People’s Food Summit, OCA’s Political Director, Alexis Baden-Mayer, interviewed yours truly, Ronnie Cummins, on Regeneration International’s Billion Agave Project. The Billion Agave Project is an organic and regenerative agroforestry and holistic livestock management program, utilizing native desert plants and indigenous practices, currently being deployed on 60,000 acres of arid and semi-arid lands in Mexico. The Billion Agave agroforestry system has the potential to spread to billions of acres of arid lands across the world, where growing food crops (without irrigation) is impossible, and where grazing lands are severely overgrazed and eroded, leading to the tragic situation where poverty, war, and forced migration have become the norm. Regeneration International has designated the Billion Agave Project as one of the 10 global game-changers in the world for organic and regenerative agriculture.

Learn more about the Billion Agave Project

Watch the People’s Food Summit interview with Ronnie Cummins on the Billion Agave Project: The segment begins at 1 hour 32 minutes of this two-hour section.