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Who's in Charge of the Runaway Train?

Who’s in charge of the out-of-control Frankenfoods / Transhumanist / Bioweapons / Ukraine / China Express? As Tessa Lena reminds us, if somebody is trying to kill us—or, at the very least, planning or doing things that may kill us—it is very good to figure it out in a timely manner and do what needs to be done for protection.

We now know that “The New Normal,” the diabolical genetic engineering of everything, the globalist dystopia that we are being manipulated to accept and embrace, is dangerous and frightening. The technocratic “New Normal” endangers not only our health and the health of our children, but is undermining the good sense, common decency, and moral sensibilities of a major part of the body politic as well, turning us against one another instead of focusing our attention on the economic and political elite, the Cabal, who are orchestrating the current “Great Reset.”

OCA and our allies are doing our best to put an end to the madness, to stop the runaway express, and to help put you and I, and our fellow Regenerators in the driver’s seat.  But we need your support.

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