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Russell Brand on Planting Peace

After being censored, like so many others, by Google’s YouTube, Russell Brand, with six million followers, is now moving to an uncensored channel, Rumble, for his daily programs. In a recent episode, Brand discusses the recent headline-grabbing Twitter poll instigated by billionaire maverick Elon Musk on whether we should negotiate an end to the War in Ukraine or continue the bloodbath and ignore the threat of nuclear annihilation.

The good news is that Musk buying Twitter will likely put an end to their censorship regarding vital matters such as COVID-19, bioweapons, war, and peace. Additional good news is that over 40% of Musk’s Twitter followers actually want to negotiate an end to the war. The bad news is that the majority of Musk’s Twitter followers still support continuing the war.

Brand states:

“Elon Musk is making all the headlines again – be it his on/off/on again purchase of Twitter, his innovations in the world of AI robots or his proposals for the resolution of the Ukraine war. But what space does Musk occupy in our society, and why does he generate such polarized reaction?”

Watch the Brand episode: Did Elon Just Expose This?