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Silicon Valley Wants to Silence Us

As you’ve probably heard, Silicon Valley (including Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube) has stepped up its efforts to censor everyone who dares speak up against the COVID-19 “official story” put out by the Chinese and US governments, Big Pharma, Bill Gates, the corporate-controlled mass media, and the global medical Establishment.

Several close allies of OCA, including, Robert Kennedy Jr., Children’s Health Defense,, and National Vaccine Information Center, have recently had their social media sites censored, blocked, gaslighted, and even “de-platformed.” 

We are being accused of spreading dangerous “conspiracy theories,” such as the evermore obvious lab origins and accidental release of SARS-CoV-2 and the equally obvious efficacy of healthy food and natural health remedies to strengthen our defenses against chronic disease and COVID-19. 

The Tech Giants claim we are in violation of so-called “community standards” as defined by Big Pharma, the Chinese government, Bill Gates, and other proponents of the Great Reset. 

OCA and others have been warned by Facebook that we can no longer post information, no matter how well-documented, that contradicts the “official story” on the pandemic, or else they will cut us off from communicating with our mass social media networks. 

In our case, OCA stands to lose 1.1 million followers on Facebook, and hundreds of thousands of followers on the other Silicon Valley platforms which we have built up over the years. It is now obvious that the internet monopolies need to be broken up, and that serious alternatives to Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and others must be developed. But until these new mass communication platforms are well established, we have no choice but to rely on our current communication tools, especially our email lists, more than ever.

OCA refuses to be silenced, but we need your help. Before we are de-platformed on social media, we need to increase the number of our subscribers, so that we can continue to reach a mass audience of organic and health minded consumers, activists, and concerned citizens. 

We implore each one of you to talk to everyone you know who shares a passion for healthy food, natural health, truth and free expression and encourage them to subscribe to Organic Bytes

Here is the sign-up form that they can use to subscribe (also located on the upper right hand side of our OCA homepage)