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Billionaire Dictators

Vandana Shiva calls Bill Gates the Christopher Columbus of modern times. And by that, she means, he’s a pirate.

In a recent interview with a French television station, Shiva—a physicist, activist and founder of Navdanya, says that the famous billionaire is merely continuing the work of Monsanto.

Rather than accepting the mountains of scientific evidence that nature is the basis of economy, that working with ecological systems to grow food produces higher yields, better nutrition and stronger local economies, Gates keeps pushing a failed technology “with a huge cost to the planet only to create monopolies.”

Shiva refers to Gates—and Mark Zuckerberg—as “philanthro-capitalists” who are creating “digital dictatorships” in order to add to their own already obscene wealth.

The French TV reporter thinks Shiva’s theories are “over the top.” We’ll let you decide.

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