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Digging Deeper

Is it a sign that there is something very wrong when organic food is sold at Walmart and Target? This is a huge question, and one that the organic world continues to wrestle with.

Some argue that we need to scale up. But does scaling up mean mega farms or does it mean more small farmers producing food organically?

Where you stand on this depends, to a large extent, on whether you believe that organic represents a deeper agricultural philosophy of wholeness or just a value-added label.

Few would argue that we all deserve to eat organic, but how we get there matters. If organic becomes simply an extension of a broken system that undervalues and under-prices food, then does it really represent an alternative?

The Real Organic Project is kicking off 2021 with a virtual symposium featuring more than 50 prominent organic farmers, scientists, and climate activists, including OCA’s Ronnie Cummins. The talks, which will run every Sunday throughout January, will dig deep into the most pressing issues of soil, health, food and climate.

If you care about food, people and the planet, join the conversation.

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