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Snake Oils

Olive and avocado oils are widely used, popular ingredients around the world. They are often touted for their health benefits and flavor. But these oils are also at the center of international scandals. 

Studies show that most of the Italian virgin olive oil sold today is neither Italian nor virgin. Similarly most avocado oils sold in the U.S. are of poor quality, mislabeled, or combined with other lesser-quality oils.

Food fraud is shockingly rampant in the bottled vegetable oil industry, particularly for the oils most often promoted as healthy, such as olive oil and avocado oil—and America has become a dumping ground for these cheap fraudulent oil products.

With no real oversight it has been left, once again, to consumers to be informed and vigilant. With cheap food oils like so many other things in life and our food system one rule applies: if it seems too good to be true … it probably is.

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