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Tree Talk

Agroforestry is one of the most ancient forms of agriculture. It puts nature first, integrating trees and shrubs with food crops to create a natural, biodiverse landscape that doubles as a food system. 

Unfortunately, the rise of industrial agriculture and its new technologies—pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and fancy farming equipment—has in many ways brought thousands of years of agricultural evolution using trees to a standstill. 

In the latest “Trails of Regeneration” video, Regeneration International explores the roots of agroforestry and how industrial agriculture has pushed aside ancient farming practices that produce healthy food while also caring for the environment. 

Patrick Worms, senior science policy advisor for the Nairobi-based World Agroforestry Centre explains early humans that practiced agroforestry developed successful farming systems not because they had scientists in white lab coats, but because they had a constant process of trial and error. In the video he says: 

“But modernity has swept that away. Knowledge that was painstakingly gained by millennia of our ancestors has completely disappeared.”

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