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Real Issues

They didn’t really talk about the issues that mattered.

In the multi-billion-dollar mudslinging contest for the White House, Joe Biden and Donald Trump instead chose to trade insults, each depicting the other as either “dangerous communist” or a “Nazi-like demagogue.” 

Polls showed “we the people” wanted more. At the forefront of most voters’ minds were climate change, racial inequality, the economy and COVID-19 and its devastating effects.

These issues are, of course, linked and now that the dust is settling we need to acknowledge that we are facing a radical, multifaceted crisis and a political emergency involving climate change, escalating poverty, unemployment, forced migration, deteriorating human health and environmental destruction, political polarization, endless wars, reckless science (including weaponizing viruses) and an all-out power grab by ultra-wealthy.

Now that this election from hell is (nearly) over, let’s get back to the tough work of addressing the real roots of our modern dilemma. 

Let’s recognize that what we do as individuals and communities matters. How we act, what we talk about to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers matters. How we spend our money and our precious spare time and how we raise our children matters.

What we read and share and write as we sit in front of our computers and cell phone screens matters. So do the groups we join, support, and donate money to, the politicians we lobby and vote. All of this will be part of a global awakening and paradigm shift.

Now is the time to think, act and organize locally, while cultivating a global vision and global solidarity. 

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