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Bill Gates as the White Savior?

From the Community Alliance for Global Justice: 

“Today, we see a lot of prominent people in the Global North pitching solutions to the world’s problems. They claim that their business savvy, resources, and influence are exactly what’s missing in the quest to save humanity from poverty, hunger, and illness. They believe they’ve ‘earned’ their wealth through ‘hard work’ and ‘determination.’ As a result, they sell the idea that they can solve complex social problems.

This is ‘white saviorism’: the idea that wealthy white people can save ‘underprivileged,’ ‘under-developed,’ ‘Third World’ countries. White saviorism is commonly practiced by misguided individuals who go on volunteer trips for their personal fulfillment. But when white saviors have enough wealth and influence, their ‘solutions’ can change entire political and social systems. At this level, white saviorism becomes neocolonialism.” 

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