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Former Monsanto CEO Takes the Stand

Carey Gilliam writes:

“Hugh Grant speaks of walking away with $75 million and being proud of his work over 37 years at the ag and seed giant, Monsanto. Former Monsanto chief Hugh Grant spent several hours on the witness stand [May 31] – testifying for the first time in front of a jury at a Roundup trial – telling the court repeatedly that global regulators had found no evidence that the company’s herbicides cause cancer.

Under sharp questioning from the plaintiff’s attorney in the case, Grant answered questions about whether or not Monsanto had a duty to warn consumers of a cancer risk by saying there was no such established risk.

‘The product [Roundup with the active ingredient glyphosate] had been examined and studied almost continuously for 40 years around the world and had never been deemed to be a carcinogen,’ he said. ‘It’s a circumstance that never occurred. There was never, never a need to communicate such a hypothetical.’ 

During his 37 years at the company, Grant said: ‘The reality is that based on regulatory examination almost constantly during that entire period the product was never found to cause cancer.’

In multiple answers to a range of questions regarding the company’s messaging to consumers, Grant cited the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the authority for determining what information is displayed on product labels.

‘The label isn’t designed by Monsanto,’ he said.

Grant, 64, was called as a witness in the case of Allan Shelton, a 34-year-old man suffering from non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) who alleges his repeated use of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicides caused his disease.”

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