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Many of us with strong anti-war awareness and consciousness became divided from our panicked and/or brainwashed former allies during the COVID-19 crisis, a polarization which was brilliantly orchestrated by Big Pharma, Silicon Valley, and the military industrial complex. Now the Great Resetters are once again trying to censor and marginalize all of us who deviate from the “Official Narrative” on Ukraine and Russia, pushing the dangerous line that we should escalate, rather than negotiate an end to the war, claiming that an ever bloodier, endless war and global economic sanctions will topple the Putin regime. This is obviously a dangerous and delusional lie, as even some of the mass media are starting to admit. As a New York Times headline recently stated: “The war in Ukraine may be impossible to stop. And the U.S. deserves much of the blame.”

With a focus on the looming threat of nuclear war and the imperative of taking action to reduce them, the Defuse Nuclear War live stream will mark the 40th anniversary of when a million people gathered in New York’s Central Park for nuclear disarmament on June 12, 1982. This online event will serve as a catalyst for grassroots organizing.

Several dozen peace, disarmament and social justice organizations are co-sponsoring this event, which is sponsored by the RootsAction Education Fund.

Sign up to watch the June 12 Live Stream here.