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Rockefeller Medicine: A Poisonous Illusion

Tessa Lena, aka “Tessa Fighting Robots,” gives us a short history lesson on how the infamous 1910 Flexner Report, commissioned by the American financial elite, laid the foundations for destroying or marginalizing natural health practices, closing down most medical schools, “eradicating dissidents,” and centralizing control over what was to become a modern Big Pharma-based medical system, dubbed “Rockefeller medicine.” Financed by John D. Rockefeller, the post 1910 Great Reset of U.S. medicine,

“In the spirit of eliminating competition, the fields of holistic medicine that were previously regarded as ‘normal’ in society, became artificially discredited — which cleared the markets for the Rockefeller interests through the promotion of oil-derived medications and Rockefeller education-shaped doctors who felt that they were ‘smarter’ than the so called ‘quacks’ because their professors told them so.”

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