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U.S. Farmers Eager to Supply Mexico with Non-GMO Corn

From the Non-GMO Report: 

“If Mexico needs non-GMO corn to supplement domestic production, Midwest grain suppliers and farmers say they can meet their needs.

“While U.S. agribusiness and biotechnology groups criticize and threaten Mexico over its bans on glyphosate herbicide and genetically modified corn, Midwest farmers like Graham Christensen (one of the founders of Regeneration International) say they would be happy to supply our southern neighbor with non-GMO corn.

“I think that would be a good idea,” says Christensen, a fifth-generation farmer in Lyons, Nebraska, who grows non-GMO corn and soybeans. “If their farmers aren’t able to produce enough themselves and they need extra, that would be an ideal market to move that grain down south. There are a lot of farmers up here who could easily transition to non-GMO corn, and there are a lot of us that are looking for a solid marketplace.”

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