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Cabinet Crisis

We need our leaders to lead. 

As President-elect Biden considers his new cabinet we must encourage him to choose those who understand the multiple and intersecting crises we face, especially around climate change.

The Sunrise Movement and Justice Democrats have proposed a slate of potential cabinet picks that includes the top advocates for regenerative organic food and farming, including organic farmer and Maine Congresswoman Chellie Pingree for Agriculture Secretary.

But fears are already mounting that Biden will feel pressured to avoid confrontation―and a potential veto―and choose those whom Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell approves of.

Biden has options: there are alternative political and legal strategies open to him that will allow him to fill out the executive branch without allowing McConnell to become a de facto co-president.

Let’s put some alternative pressure on and ensure he appoints a cabinet of people who 1) don’t have ties to agribusiness, fossil fuel companies or corporate lobbyists;  2) represent the diversity of America; and 3) are ready to act with the urgency that the climate, economic, health and farm crises demand.

Take Action: Join the #BidenBeBold Campaign: Tell the President-Elect to Appoint a Climate Justice Cabinet!