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Straight Talk

The holidays (we hope) will bring a welcome pause for many of you in what has been an exhausting whirlwind of a year.

Like many of you we are looking forward to family, food and simple comforts. But we can’t stop for long because there is still so much to do.

This week, in particular, we have seen a flood of stories demonstrating how language can be used to fool us. How words of war can panic us into foolish actions, with far-reaching consequences. How words of transformation are being co-opted to fool consumers, to twist the scientific and regulatory agenda and to further the domination of larger corporations and a degenerative industrial food and farming system.

For us words like “sustainable” and “regeneration” have meaning. We are ready and willing to stand up for those words, to file the lawsuits, to advocate for the policies, to make a noise so that the real power and meaning behind these words does not get lost.

We are thankful for your support in this mission and we hope we can continue to count on it.

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