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Fake Meat & Genetic Engineering 2.0

As we announced several weeks ago, we are joining with our global allies, including Regeneration International,, Vandana Shiva’s Navdanya, and the Organic and Natural Health Association, to strengthen and expand the global resistance against GE Foods, especially Fake Meat and Dairy. We are determined to defend ourselves, farmers and consumers alike, from the increasing assault and collateral damage of “profit-at-any cost,” genetic engineering products and practices (foods and crops, “gain of function” experiments, bioweapons, gene-therapy vaccines, geoengineering, et al.) that are promoted by the global elite as “solutions” to our problems.

Genetically engineered fake meat and dairy, misleadingly described as “precision fermentation,” and “plant-based protein,” is basically unregulated and unlabeled. So-called Synthetic Biology (SynBio), greenwashed and packaged as the solution to world hunger, rural poverty, and the climate crisis, is the post-COVID food battle royale of the Great Reset. Synthetic Biology or GE 2.0 poses a direct threat to farmers, consumers, and the environment. The Brave New World of engineered lab foods and crops is lavishly funded and orchestrated by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, the World Economic Forum, Silicon Valley, Bayer/Monsanto, and the transnational food giants. These megalomaniac Great Resetters, power drunk and flush with cash after COVID-19, are openly declaring their intention to eliminate the animal agriculture and animal husbandry practices carried out by a billion small farmers and pastoralists across the globe, ignoring the fact that the world’s 70 billion farm animals are essential to rural livelihoods, human nutrition, and the health of the soil (animal manure in compost and proper grazing). Farm animals, properly raised and nurtured, are absolutely necessary to regenerate our degraded carbon, nitrogen, and water cycles, and restore the biodiversity of the planet.

India-based Vandana Shiva is the world’s leading critic of synthetic biology, genetically engineered foods, and patents on seeds and life. Her inspirational writings are an essential tool as we move forward to stop the GE onslaught and build up an organic, regenerative, and equitable food, farming, and land-use system.  As Vandana reminds us:

“Food is not a commodity, it is not ‘stuff’ put together mechanically and artificially in labs and factories. Food is life. Food holds the contributions of all beings that make the food web, and it holds the potential of maintaining and regenerating the web of life. Food also holds the potential for health and disease, depending on how it was grown and processed. Food is therefore the living currency of the web of life.

As an ancient Upanishad reminds us “Everything is food, everything is something else’s food.”

Good Food and Real Food are the basis of health.

Bad food, industrial food, fake food is the basis of disease.

Hippocrates said ‘Let food be thy medicine.’ In Ayurveda, India’s ancient science of life, food is called ‘sarvausadha’ the medicine that cures all disease.

Industrial food systems have reduced food to a commodity, to ‘stuff’ that can then be constituted in the lab. In the process both the planet’s health and our health has been nearly destroyed.

75% of the planetary destruction of soil, water, biodiversity, and 50% of greenhouse gas emissions come from industrial agriculture, which also contributes to 75% of food related chronic diseases. It contributes 50% of the GHG’s [Greenhouse Gases] driving Climate Change. Chemical agriculture does not return organic matter and fertility to the soil. Instead it is contributing to desertification and land degradation. It also demands more water since it destroys the soil’s natural water-holding capacity. Industrial food systems have destroyed the biodiversity of the planet both through the spread of monocultures, and through the use of toxics and poisons which are killing bees, butterflies, insects, birds, leading to the sixth mass extinction…”

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