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Our Bread, Our Freedom — A Call to Action

A letter from Dr. Vandana Shiva:

Dear friends, 

Hope this finds you well. Over the past years, there have been increasing attempts to take control of our food and agricultural systems. In a few decades, the industrial food systems have destroyed the Earth’s systems, human health and livelihoods as it has directly violated ecological laws and laws of justice. Now we are seeing a global agenda to erase land-based cultures, to destroy real farms, real farmers, real food to create a dystopia of ‘farming without farmers’ and ‘food without farms’ as false totalitarian solutions to climate change. This anti-ecological response is to put the industrial food system on steroids. 

That is why reclaiming our Food Sovereignty and Food Cultures is so vital to our time. Across the world, a large number of communities and movements are already exposing the fake solutions and narrative of the industrial globalized food system and offering creative and innovative solutions. 

From the 2nd to the 16th of October 2022 (and beyond…), we invite you to join people and communities around the globe, and organize People’s Assemblies, Events, or Actions for Our Bread, Our Freedom,  wherever you are – in parks, squares, gardens, schools and communities—to reclaim and reshape our food system, and take back our Seed, Food, Democracy and Freedom. 

Let us celebrate the Earth’s biodiversity, our seeds, our soils, our land, our territories, and all sentient beings, and shape a new Earth Democracy based on Living Seed, Living Soil, healthy communities and living economies of care.

It is time to abandon our resource intensive and profit-based economic systems that have created havoc in the world, disrupting the planet’s ecosystems and undermining society’s systems of health, justice, and democracy. 

It's time to Return to Earth. To her ecological laws to ensure food for all, health for all, work for all. Food and Nutrition are the currency of the cycles of life. Real farmers produce real food, which nourishes the soil, plants, and animals – including humans. Real food is at the heart of the health of the planet, as well as our health and well-being. Real farming has sustained the Earth and her civilizations over millennia. 

Food is the great connector in the web of life. Food is a gift from the Earth given to us from the work and labor of women, farmers, farm workers, fisherfolk, pastoralists, gardeners, and mothers. 

Let us prepare for a Recovery of our Food Freedom–  through Our Bread Our Freedom Campaign – where the health and wellbeing of all peoples and the planet are at the center.

Best wishes, 

Dr Vandana Shiva, President of Navdanya International

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