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Dr. Nass on Vaccines and COVID-19

People have asked Dr. Meryl Nass, a respected critic of the “official story” on the origins of COVID-19 and dangerous bioweapons/biodefense research, why she was not blogging about the COVID vaccines.  “To be honest,” Nass said “I felt there was not enough information for me to be decisive, and I was waiting for more information to become available.”

“However,” Nass states, “someone called me this morning and told me about a lot of allergic reactions, including one anaphylactic reaction, at a local hospital after 30 doses were given. Staff were instructed to keep this quiet.”

“Today I watched a 9 minute Ben Swann video about the vaccines, in which he read the "Declination form" that must be signed by EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) in Maine who refuse the vaccine. It contained false and misleading statements, and I realized I should no longer delay discussing what I know about the vaccines.”

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