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Regenerating the Desert?

It’s hard to imagine how a dry, degraded desert could be the key to reversing global warming, but a new initiative called The Billion Agave Project proposes to do just that. 

The Billion Agave Project is a game-changing agroforestry and holistic livestock management system that farmers in the high-desert region of Guanajuato MX have recently developed. This strategy combines the growing of agave plants and nitrogen-fixing companion tree species (such as mesquite), with holistic rotational grazing of livestock. The result is a high-biomass, high forage-yielding system that works well even on degraded, semi-arid lands. 

And on top of all of that, this agroforestry system is capable of drawing down and storing massive amounts of atmospheric CO2. In fact, one of the goals of the Billion Agave Project is to draw down and store one billion tons of climate-destabilizing CO2!

Want to learn more? Ronnie Cummins and Andre Leu will be giving a live presentation on the Billion Agave Project Today at 4PM CST as part of the Growing Stronger: Collaborative Conference on Organic & Sustainable Farming.

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