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Revealed: Monsanto and US Officials Have Pressured Mexico to Drop Glyphosate Ban

OCA’s sister organizations in Mexico, Asociación de Consumidores Orgánicos and Vía Orgánica, have been active for over a decade in campaigns to ban GMOs and Monsanto/Bayer’s toxic pesticide glyphosate in Mexico. 

We’ve provided funds and staff to successful campaigns such as Sin Maíz no Hay País, (Without Corn There is No Country), as well as a campaign working with Mayan communities and organic honey producers in the Yucatan to ban GMO soybeans.

We’ve pressured Maseca, Mexico’s largest tortilla company, to stop putting imported GMO corn into their products. 

We’ve won major court battles against GMO corn and soybeans; and along with 300 other farm, environmental, indigenous, and organic organizations, we’ve been lobbying the Mexican government to ban glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup herbicides), which they recently announced would be phased out by 2024. 

Now, recent documents reveal that the US government and Monsanto have made outrageous efforts to bully Mexico’s government into reversing their ban on glyphosate. 

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