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Global Food System Generates 1/3 of all Greenhouse Pollution

A new comprehensive study, published in Nature, using conservative calculations, confirms what we at OCA and Regeneration International have been saying for over a decade: our chemical- and energy-intensive, GMO- and factory farm-driven food and farming system is destroying not only our health and environment, but is also a primary driver for global warming and climate chaos. 

The USDA, Big Food, and corporate agribusiness have been lying to us for decades, claiming that “conventional” agriculture generates a mere 9% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, when in fact our food system pumps out at least a third of GHG pollution

Unless we make the transition to organic and regenerative food, farming, and land use practices, and move from fossil fuels to renewable energy and radical energy conservation, our current Climate Emergency will soon morph into Climate Catastrophe. Now is the time for climate, food, animal welfare, family farm, and justice advocates to unite. 

Read what even mainstream scientists are now saying: Food Systems Are Responsible for a Third of Global Anthropogenic GHG Emissions