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Let’s Be Honest: Natural Immunity to COVID is Real

As OCA has written, it’s likely that as many as 40-100 million Americans (many who exhibited no symptoms at all) have already contracted COVID-19 and recovered. Although a small proportion of these people have become re-infected, almost none of them have exhibited symptoms and become seriously ill. Thus there is a strong pushback against mandatory vaccines for those with natural immunity, which numerous studies have shown appear to be as effective, or even more more effective than the emergency vaccines themselves, which confer narrow artificial immunity and wear off after several months, with reports of adverse reactions and deaths mounting across the world.

Guest columnist TB, a long-time food and GMO activist, who has been vaccinated herself, looks at the published evidence pointing toward natural immunity in this heavily footnoted article. Although my perspective on the safety of the experimental vaccines, as expressed in my book, co-authored with Dr. Mercola, The Truth About COVID-19, is different from TB’s, OCA believes that her article is important for people to read, especially for those who have already been vaccinated and those who have acquired natural immunity.

Read TB’s article here: CDC Surrendered; Give a Pass to the Natural Immune