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For much of this year OCA has been at the forefront of questioning the origins of the virus and exposing the risky gain-of-function research that we believe has led to its emergence. 

At times we’ve been a lone voice, but now the need to know is gaining real momentum as others join the call for greater transparency.

This week, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his colleagues at Children’s Health Defense sent a heavily referenced letter to key members of Congress demanding an investigation into the origins of COVID-19. 

At the same time U.S. Right to Know has launched its own investigation. Through a series of public records requests to public institutions, they are aiming to discover what is known about the origins of the novel coronavirus. 

We welcome their efforts because we believe there is strength in numbers—and as more of us demand the truth we are getting closer to finding it.

Check out how the momentum is building around this key issue of our times.

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