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We all talk about resilience. But what does that mean?

Resilience is what protects us from the hard times and the unexpected. Resilience is our ability to adapt.

This week even the Wall Street Journal felt moved to write about the importance of hope and resilience. It noted:

“Most psychologists define hope as a yearning for something possible but not certain—such as a better future—and a belief that you have some power to make it happen.”

We need resilience in our lives, but we also need to build resilience in the systems we live in.

We’ve spent years campaigning for the kind of system change that will ensure a better future: healthy food, clean environment, regenerative farming, honest business, honest politics, a sustainable economy, human scale lifestyles that honor community and individual rights. 

We are working for you and we are working with you to create a better future.

With your continued support, we can create resilient health, agricultural and environmental systems so that we—and those who come after us—can continue to thrive. 

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