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Where’s the Beef: Ask Bill Gates?

Dr Mercola writes:

“In early June 2022, the government of The Netherlands announced it would cut the size of livestock herds in the country by 30% to meet European Union nitrogen and ammonia pollution rules.  As a result of this “green” policy, many farmers will be driven out of business and they have gathered in protest across the country.

This is important because many may not realize that even though The Netherlands is a small country, it's the second-largest exporter of agriculture in the world, after the United States. As with current energy shortages, the forced reductions in farming and food production are said to be an “unavoidable” part of the Green Agenda to improve air, soil and water quality.

In a public statement about the new emissions targets, the Dutch government even admitted that “The honest message ... is that not all farmers can continue their business.” Those who do continue will have to come up with creative solutions to meet the new emissions restrictions.”

At the same time the Dutch government is preparing to radically restrict livestock farming and meat production — likely with Gates’ blessing, if not due to his influence — Gates is gobbling up farmland back home.

Despite land prices being at a record-high, Gates purchased a 2,100-acre potato farm in North Dakota in June 2022, bringing the total land share held by the Gates’ Red River Trust above 270,000 acres — up from about 242,000 acres in mid-September 2021.

The following map, from AgWeb,17 shows the distribution of Gates’ land holdings prior to his North Dakota acquisition. As you can see, the vast majority is farmland.

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