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Pandemic Times

First, we hope you and your family are healthy. Physically, mentally, economically. 

We hope COVID-19 and government bungling of the Crisis hasn’t created financial hardship and other anxiety-inducing conditions for you.

Our staff continues to expose the truth. The truth about COVID-19. The truth about our degenerative food, farming, health care, and political systems. We continue to put the heat on politicians and corporations, and mobilize our networks, both in the US and internationally to fight for healthy, pesticide-free, GMO-free, antibiotic-free food.

We continue to pursue legal action against corporations that mislead and defraud consumers.

We are determined to keep working, educating, and raising hell, when necessary.

With your support, we intend to continue, and indeed step up the work that must be done to strengthen our food and farming system, and regenerate public health.

Please make a generous donation at this time, if you are able. Thank you for your support.

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