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How “Modern” Medicine Fails to Protect Children's Health

Nate Doromal writes:

“Attention, parents, family members, and concerned citizens! Children's health is getting worse. And it has been doing so for decades.

While the COVID-19 pandemic brought about widespread changes, forcing us to reexamine our lives and values in the wake of the crisis, it also brought widespread examination and criticism of our medical systems.

Medicine has heralded the need for intervention to protect children from COVID. However, despite the startlingly low risk of COVID for children (akin to the risk of being struck by lightning) and the harmful health effects of masking a child, the CDC pushed a policy for masking children in schools, an approach that The Atlantic criticized as flawed and based on shaky science.

Now health authorities are pushing the COVID vaccines for children despite the questionable risk benefits to a demographic that has never been at risk for COVID while downplaying potential hazards such as myocarditis.

Despite the fear-mongering from the media, infectious diseases, including COVID, are not the foremost health concerns for children. A look at the top ten causes of childhood mortality reveals the top three medically-related conditions are cancer, congenital anomalies, and heart disease. The British Medical Journal (BMJ) stated in 2016 that "the primary burden of disease in children and young people has shifted from infectious diseases towards chronic conditions…"

What Can You Do:

Use a water filter at home that can filter out PFAS and PCBs from your drinking water. There are standalone units like the Berkey water filter and under-the-sink units like Hydroviv.

Immediately shift your food purchases and consumption towards more organic foods. According to studies, this can lessen the burden of pesticides on your body.

Purchase an air purifier that can filter out volatile organic compounds. These are human-made compounds emitted as gasses from products in your home.

Get on an exercise program. Increased sweating, breathing, and blood circulation will increase the body's detoxification ability.

Reduce your exposure to processed foods and start eating more unprocessed, fresh, and organic foods. Processed foods have more additives and food chemicals in them. A recent study from Brazil found an association between processed food consumption and the rate of cognitive decline.

Eat more foods that can aid your body's detoxification capabilities, such as leafy greens, apples, beets, turmeric, and ginger.

Practice intermittent fasting. This practice has been shown to aid in detoxification and boost your brainpower.

Audit your home and environment for products that contain suspicious chemicals. Toss these products and find more natural replacements.

Share this info with your friends, family, and clinicians. We need to make the topic of food and environmental toxicity better known!

Encourage your local and state politicians to take action against the spread of these harmful chemicals, especially the rampant spraying of glyphosate in public areas.”

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