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Monsanto’s Smear Merchant: The Genetic Literacy Project

Google has manipulated its search engine so that when you sign up for a Google Alert on the “Organic Consumers Association” what you get instead every day is a link to the Genetic Literacy Project—lying, slandering, and smearing the OCA and our allies. We’ve complained, but of course Google has done nothing. Truth is, Google loves Frankenfoods, chemical and energy-intensive agriculture, and experimental gene-therapy “vaccines.”

GM Watch reports:

“Recently the Genetic Literacy Project has been heavily targeting critics of the herbicide Roundup, now owned by Bayer, with a barrage of articles, podcasts, and tweets, in which the controversial University of Florida scientist Kevin Folta has been much to the fore.

It all started when the Guardian published a piece by the award-winning journalist Carey Gillam on a CDC study showing the prevalence in urine samples in the US of Roundup’s controversial active ingredient glyphosate, which has been linked to cancer.

Kevin Folta led the charge for the GLP with a piece that labelled the Guardian article the latest example of ‘yellow journalism’ (i.e. lurid, sensationalist reporting), not to mention ‘deceptive journalism,’ by “scientifically illiterate journalists.’ Folta then gave over a further three paragraphs to attacking Gillam personally and outlining his version of her ‘ethically questionable history.’ This somehow failed to mention that, among other things, she won a Society of Environmental Journalists’ book award or that her former colleagues at Reuters say she is ‘an exceptional journalist’ who produces ‘impeccably reported’ stories.”

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