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COVID Vaccines Are Genetically Engineered

The patented COVID-19 experimental “Messenger RNA” (mRNA) “vaccines” by Pfizer and Moderna, as well as the genetically modified DNA vector vaccines by Johnson and Johnson and Astra-Zeneca, are all products of genetic engineering. These so-called “vaccines” (which do not prevent infection or transmission, especially with the new Omicron variant, unlike all previous drugs categorized as “vaccines”) were previously considered “gene therapy” drugs, and have been described more recently as “gene transfer” vaccines. But beyond vaccine industry misinformation and mis-categorization, mRNA drugs and genetically modified DNA vector vaccines literally add a new genetically engineered gene to your body, altering the genetic behavior of your DNA, turning your body into a viral spike protein factory.

As Kevin Ryan stated in last week’s Organic Bytes: “The ‘vaccines’ are experimental gene therapies that are making people sick and killing them. Those bought into the vaccine narrative responded to this fact with the diversionary claim that the COVID drugs do not change your DNA. But most gene therapies do not change your DNA. Instead, they provide a functioning gene in addition to your DNA. More importantly, all the COVID ‘vaccines’ provide genetic material that drives the production of toxic spike proteins that cause blood clotting, endothelial tissue damage, antibody dependent enhancement, and death.”

As noted anti-GMO scientists Dr. Michelle Perro and Dr. Stephanie Seneff point out in an editorial on the GMO Science website: “Experimental gene therapy vaccines including both mRNA vaccines and genetically modified DNA vector vaccines are concerning to physicians and scientists.”

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