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Monsanto/Bayer’s Glyphosate Residues Found in 99% of France’s Population

Sustainable Pulse reports:

“In one of the largest studies on glyphosate contamination in a human population, the world’s most used weedkiller was found in over 99% of the general public in France, with a total of over 6,800 urine samples having been tested… The authors of this new study note that the samples taken in spring and summer, the season for glyphosate and other herbicide spraying, showed ‘significantly higher levels.’ Farmers, especially ‘working in a wine-growing environment,’ also had ‘significantly higher’ levels.

“Levels were also higher in men and children, people who regularly consume tap or spring water, smokers and drinkers of beer or juice. People who said they eat “more than 85% organic food,” on the other hand, had lower levels.”

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