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US and UK Scientists Engineering Dangerous “Self-Spreading” Viruses

OCA is launching a US and global campaign to ban the lab engineering and weaponization of viruses and other pathogens in order to make them more transmissible and/or virulent. Industry calls this weaponization of pathogens “Gain-of-Function” research. An expose by the UK newspaper, the Independent, of ongoing, reckless research in the US and the UK on “self-spreading” viruses reminds us why we need a global ban on so-called “Gain-of-Function” research. As the Independent writes:

“Scientists in the US and Europe are creating “risky” self-spreading viruses in the hope of developing viral vaccines, a new paper has warned.

“The paper, written by an international team of academics led by King’s College London, warns the research could have “irreversible consequences” for the planet.”

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