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The Billion Agave Project in Mexico Moves Forward

Regeneration International, the Hudson Carbon Project, and Via Organica’s Billion Agave Project to “Green the Desert” and eliminate rural poverty and forced migration is moving forward in Mexico and generating global interest. 

The Billion Agave Project is a game-changing regenerative Agave/Mesquite agroforestry system (which includes holistic livestock management) that provides a solution for farmers struggling to make a living in arid and semi-arid areas (semi-arid and arid lands makes up 40% of the world’s ecosystems, including most of Mexico and the U.S. Southwest) where this desert agroforestry system can potentially be deployed on millions of acres of presently degraded rangelands and abandoned croplands. 

Part of this project (as discussed by Ben Dobson from the Hudson Carbon Project in last week’s Organic Bytes), is to establish a global, science-based, transparent, and equitable alternative to bogus “carbon credits,” replacing corporate greenwashing with a new system whereby farmers, herders, livestock managers, and indigenous rural communities will be paid a fair price to sequester carbon (above ground and below ground) and restore ecosystem services (water, biodiversity, soil fertility).

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