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Thank You Mexico Staff and Allies

Asociacion de Consumidores (OCA Mexico) lawsuits (with 300 other groups), public education, boycotts, and coalition building South of the Border are finally paying off after more than a decade of hard work. Mexico’s Supreme Court has ruled that the government ban on Monsanto/Bayer’s GMO corn and restrictions on GMO Roundup-Ready corn imports will remain in place.

As Politico magazine recently reported:

“Mercedes López, a representative of the civil lawsuit and head of the Organic Consumers Association [in Mexico], said the lawsuit had been key to safeguarding not only Mexico's panoply of corn varieties but also the millennia-old seed saving and breeding practices through which they were developed. ‘Without this motion, [GM] cultivation would have gone forward in the north of the country and all of these maize varieties would have been contaminated. We would have lost all of this richness,’ she said… Several U.S. farm groups are continuing to press U.S. officials to intervene and get Mexico to change course, while small farmer groups (on both sides of the border) and nonprofits are calling on Washington to back off. Some small U.S. farmers argue that Washington should focus on pushing a similar transition in its own farms, rather than in meddling in another country’s policies.”

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