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Enough of the Mad Science

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have written extensively about the true origins, nature, prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

We’ve exposed the lies and the corruption behind the “official story” of the so-called “natural” origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which still has such a strong grip on the media and on our policymakers.

We’ve also exposed the scandal of “gain-of-function” research that weaponizes viruses and bacteria—research that is funded by the military, Big Pharma, Bill Gates and government agencies in the U.S., China and other nations.

In the midst of an unprecedented global disaster and government failure to solve the COVID-19 crisis, it’s time for global civil society to take matters into our own hands and stop the madness.  

Through our global citizens’ petition we are calling for an updating and international ratification of the original Chemical and Biological Warfare Convention that was designed to ban chemical and biological bioweapons.

We need you to sign our petition and send it to everyone you know to sign, too.

To find out more about our plans for a global mass-based lobbying campaign to stop “gain-of-function” research: 

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TAKE ACTION! Sign the Petition to Stop the Genetic Engineering of Viruses! Shut Down All Biowarfare Labs Now!