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Monsanto’s Glyphosate, Our Immune Systems, and COVID-19

In this updated article on Glyphosate and COVID, Dr. Mercola and Stephanie Seneff tell us how Glyphosate may play an important role in cases of severe COVID-19. If you've accumulated a lot of glyphosate in your tissues, your immune cells will be impaired, making it difficult to clear the virus. 

To avoid glyphosate exposure, the most important strategy is to eat certified organic foods whenever possible, and eat/drink more sulfur-containing foods, organic grass fed milk and butter, pure water, animal fats, and probiotic foods 

To help mitigate the toxic effects of glyphosate, you can take an inexpensive glycine supplement. 

As Mercola and Seneff point out: 

“For years, glyphosate was assumed safe and claims of toxicity were vehemently denied. But in recent years, studies on glyphosate have been demonstrating toxicity even at very low levels… glyphosate exposure may be a key player in cases of severe COVID-19.”

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