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Monsanto in Hot Water

Monsanto/Bayer is in some very hot water. 

Their glyphosate-based herbicide, Roundup, is possibly connected with lowered immunity toward COVID-19, and is also at the forefront of a $39.5 million lawsuit. Their dicamba herbicide is wreaking health havoc in the Midwest and South, and Mexico has just upheld a ban on their GMO corn.

Things are not going Monsanto’s way. And that’s because of supporters like you.

Every day, we receive donations from supporters who are fed up with companies like Monsanto/Bayer. When donations come in to us, they go toward protecting our health, our environment, and holding major corporations accountable. Just like Monsanto/Bayer.

We thank those of you who have donated, and we thank those of you who have signed and circulated our actions and petitions. 

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